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Sneaker DIY Cheetah Revamp

The weather has been lovely on the side of the planet lately, so much that I decided to take out my "summer" shoes. One of which was this cute little navy blue sneaker- kinda like a little sailing sneaker, which I bought last summer. If you remember well, last summer I was heavily pregnant
and I bought a pair of sneaker.  All I wanted back then, was to be comfortable and my body was just so done being pregnant that I did not care much how those shoes look like.

One year fast forward, it turns out that I do really care how these shoes look like and because they are so comfortable I had to keep them. I decided that they needed a fresh look that reflects "me" more. I do NOT do cute. I do classy, edgy, neutral but surely not cute, so sailing sneaker had to go. I thus decided to turn them into a cheetah print.

What you will need:

I went for acrylic paint because once the paint is try it becomes waterproof (and I always have acrylic paint at home). You will need a brown and a black tube and a sponge. Using a sponge will prevent the brush stroke to show and will give more of a smooth finish.

What to do:

First off, protect all the areas that you do not want brown. Put a small amount directly on the shoe and start buffering with the sponge, till the whole shoe is evenly painted. Let aside to dry.

Once dry, start making the cheetah print with a small brush. To make the cheetah print - create irregular half circle facing different direction and of different size. Keep going until the whole shoes is complete. You do not have to pay too much attention about making each half-circle perfect it is the finished product that counts. Once done, look for empty spaces where you can just add dots just to make the print more complete. Let try fully for few hours, clean up and you are good to go.

With love from Mel...

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