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My pregnancy story - 3rd Trimester

(My little one is 3 months and 2 weeks now, but this article was written when I was still 39 weeks preggo except for the last part- finally coming around to post it)

I am now 39 weeks, I figured I shall finish my story before life as I know it changes. From the beginning of the first trimester, I remember being so done with pregnancy. I don't know if I said it before or not but I do not think I am cut out for pregnancy. I can deal with the morning sickness, the no wine policy but the fatigue and emotional part of it sucks...very bad.

I had a relatively small tummy throughout the pregnancy, but by the time I hit 8 months, gosh I don't know, my tummy started growing and growing. By now people ask me if I'm having twins - somehow I do think that my brain still don't get how
big my tummy is. When I pass by a mirror I always stopped by  and be a little surprised  to see how big I am.

The third trimester was better when comes to my state of mind, I did have bad days where I just wanted to quit and not be pregnant  anymore. By now, I feel I don't even look like myself anymore. My figure did not change that much (or so they say), I am so tired of the cute little  pregnancy outfit if you know me you know that I do not do cute. Do not tell me I am cute because that will not be a compliment for me.  Third trimester it gets hard to stand, it gets hard to sit, it gets hard to lay down. By 37 weeks it is just a sucky waiting game and if you like to plan like me it is horrible - because everything is ready for that baby to arrive but it's just not happening. You sit around and wait, and wait for something that you don't even know how, what, where it's gonna happen. Of course, I did my homework but it does not really  help. The most relevant answer you will get is, "all pregnancy and all delivery are different" and that freaks me out, so ya pregnancy for me was a good look in the mirror to see my control freak self.

I was almost 39 weeks when my parents flew to Belgium to be there for me. I was a little nervous I will admit as I did not know how it's gonna be for me. Will I be a wreck or very emotional? I know I want to be left alone when things are overwhelming so I was nervous having my parents around. Looking back I am oh, so thankful - was such a help and was nice to be cared for.

At 39 weeks and 2 days, we had dinner after what my parents decided to go early to bed as they were tired so did I as my spine was killing me. Martijn wanted to watch a movie but I was too exhausted, so I decided to go to bed and he decided to play some game on his laptop. I started having contraction like around 21:30 but I was really not sure if it was labor or not so I asked hubby to note down the time of every contraction. At around 23:30, I suddenly felt a gush of water, I knew without any doubt that I water had broke. I panicked, Martijn panicked and we made it to the hospital dripping water. Long story short I would say becoming a mum is very humbling.

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