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My pregnancy story - 1st Trimester

I am really resolved to do a full pregnancy story, not only to share it with others but also for myself  - so here it goes! The first 3 months was weird and horrible at the same time and I was petrified that I would have a miscarriage. It is so weird to feel that your body is changing already but you cannot tell anyone yet about why you are feeling like sh*t. I know that some women don't
want to wait at all and I respect that, but as someone who has lost few dear ones in my life, I wanted to be surrounded by my closest ones if something went wrong.

My boobs were hurting, I had  to pee, my back was hurting and morning sickness was killing me - All the time... for 3 months  straight. It did not really feel pregnant, I felt more like I was sick - almost like a constant hangover. In the very beginning the morning sickness was only in the morning. Martijn read somewhere that I should eat crackers, while still in bed laying down before I go about my day - that worked like a charmed in the beginning, until it did not anymore. Until morning sickness was not only in the morning but got extended till lunch. I already suffer from re-flux a lot, so I always have to make sure I do not starve myself or else I will start to puke and if it reached the point of me throwing up then I won't be able to hold anything down for hours. With the pregnancy the re-flux got a lot worse. I had to be constantly eating to make sure I don't get even a little hungry or else that will start the vomiting and then only way to stop it would be to sleep for couple of hours.

That was actually horrible! If you know me, then you know that I am a foodie. I love food! More importantly, I love GOOD food but I do not like to eat a lot, so to be constantly munching on something was actually horrible. From the start of the pregnancy it went from bad to worse. I could not stand coffee, chocolate, curry ....well about anything actually. At that point I was sick the whole day, I was so miserable that I went to the doctor and I was like dude I cannot do this! You got to give me something. He actually prescribed me some pills, which helped a lot!!

To my great delight, I found out  that the only thing I could eat was bouillon - the way we do it back home - with some green leaves vegetable, a little-crushed garlic, tiny pieces of chicken and salt and you dump everything in a pot of water then you just drink it like soup. Gosh, it was so good back then. For weeks the only thing we ate was bouillon and thank God that Martijn actually really like it.

As a planned person I thought I was ready for pregnancy - well at least more ready that most woman. Well, I was not. Somehow though, you already start to love this little thing that is not even a baby yet. You thus find ways to cope and hope that after 3 months everything will feel a little normal, and who knows maybe big boobs would mean play-time or not.

...with love from Mel

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