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The truth about being pregnant #5Months

We're gonna have a human!!

I have been looking forward to do this post since I wanted to bring my share of pregnancy story to the worldwide web. I am the kind of person that googles everything, and I must say that so far in my pregnancy it has not been very helpful. When Martijn and I got married I knew
that eventually we will have a family of our own and since then I have been doing my homework about being pregnant. I am a planned person - I need to know what to expect, but all my homework did not really pay off.

I have never been pregnant before (duh) but I am fully aware  that not all pregnancy are the same for all women, so I want to share my story and maybe someone out there can identify to it. Let's start at the beginning. After the winning sperm finally made it to the egg, next comes the pregnancy test.

Although it was not my first time doing a test, I really messed that up! Every time I would feel some pregnancy symptoms I will rush and do a test. By the end of February, I felt the symptoms really kicking in  - so I did a test - Negative. I thus decided to wait a couple of days and make another one. First morning pee - Negative. Sad and relief at the same time, I threw the test in the kitchen bin.

2 days later, I thought to myself " I am probably doing it wrong" , since the twins (boobs) were getting really sore and I had to pee all the time. I decided to Google about it and it says that it is actually important to wait at least 5 minutes to get the correct result - which I did not! Instead, as soon as the negative line shown I threw the test away and moved on. My heart skipped a beat and there was no pregnancy test left, so I decided to go dig in the trash can (listen don't judge me I really had to know.)

Dig, dig! There it was, #datest! It was positive! For years, I had this perfect plan in my head of how I will announce to my loving husband that he is becoming a dad. Well, I forgot about that on the spot. Tears in my eyes, I rushed upstairs, holding the "disgusting" pregnancy test, and yelled "I am pregnant!" His immediate response? "Ya well, whatever!"

So many times I teased him about me being pregnant that of course he could not believe me. I do not blame the man really, I did pull some nasty trick on him. Well, this time I had proof - my 2 days old pregnancy test. We both "Oh my gosh-ed" for like 5 minutes and decided not to go ahead of ourselves and to get a fancy test and it was positive. We were becoming parents!!

The week  following that I was just fine, I even thought that I will be one of those lucky woman who do not get morning sickness. I was wrong, I was not one of them! Little did I know, morning sickness is just the name because most woman feel sick the whole frickin day and that was me. At some point I was eating only try bread, and telling my husband weird stuff like "you smell strong" I don't even know what that means be continued in 2 days. Tune up!

With love from Mel...

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