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Fake an Entryway

I am literally so excited to share a house tour on here but for now here's some bit and pieces. I absolutely love this apartment but I must admit it was a little challenging to make it turn into what I (and Martijn) wanted. The one thing that did bugged me the most is that we did not have an entrance. No place to put your coat your keys and all the million things you put on when going out but worse was to just fall into the living once you open the door.

I had to create an entrance. The entrance also helped to bring different height, shape and texture to the space. Here some tips if you are thinking of creating one from scratch.

1. Create a division. The entrance have to look like one, so creating a perimeter is important. Go bold and create an obvious
division which is high enough to block the eyes. For our apartment, we also needed storage, so a shelf made more sense but it does also takes more space that a room divider or high plant. Get the measuring tape and do what work best for your space.

2. Create an atmosphere. Yes, the entrance is part of existing room but it is fundamental that it has its own vibe. You can do that by painting the wall a different colour and by adding elements dedicated to an entrance - like a lamp or even a sitting area to remove your shoes.

3. keep it neat. Since it is a space created into another space, it is a must to keep is neat and not cluttered. Have storage for the keys, gloves and other stuff that might just be laying around and make your space looks messy. Keep in mind that light colours open up space and dark colours recede. Using horizontal lines make space look larger than it actually is - so go full house with shelf, stripes, horizontal mirror.

4. Do not over do it. That is the rule for everything. Too much of anything is bad - try to balance everything out. For example if you have four horizontal elements, you also have to have one vertical element.

Here you go, have fun...

With love from Mel....

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