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Marriage is not for the weak...

Till death tear us apart is serious sh*t! I think it is both crazy and beautiful that people just decide to commit their life to someone else...till death tear them apart. Pretty drastic, don't you think so?

After travelling quite a bit and seeing different cultures, I have carved myself a particular picture about marriage. I think it is funny to see more people getting married or being married here in Belgium than they do in Mauritius. Definitely, a lot more babies here than at home. Babies are everywhere...but that is another blog post.

I have met people that preaches about marriage. Urges everybody to get married, right now right here. Others that say, to never get married because it is a trap. What I would answer to both these group of people is...Marriage is not for the weak!

I am no marriage expert, I do want to snap Martijn's neck sometimes just like they do in The Vampire Diaries...but I've learn my fair share the hard way. If you want it to work, it gonna have NOT to be about you anymore. It is putting somebody else needs above yours, it swallowing your pride most of the time, to be able to put yourself together even if every bit of your body is saying the contrary. You will face the real you, because being married is almost like looking in the mirror too long (you start seeing only the bad things) and sometimes it won't be pretty. It's the ability to be able to say sorry I messed up.

Does not sound so pretty I know, but the beauty in all this is that your other half is doing the exact same thing for you, and that is pure bliss... I just feel that, this it is the other side of the coin that we sometimes don't see as we are so focus on how much "I" am giving away, how much "I" sacrificing.

Marriage is not for the weak and surely not the selfish.... but hey, there is nothing to be scared - just talk it out and don't be afraid to get all naked (with your thoughts, if after that you people literally want to be naked, be my guess..)

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