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How to make your boots narrower by the calves

Melissa Buikema

Last week I put my cute little black dress on to go to work. With the dress, the black legging I decided to go all black and to wear my "cool" boots. All dressed up and ready to go - I went to have a last glance at the mirror and right there Puss in boots 

was staring back at me. The boots was so wide by my calves that I just felt like puss in boots. Once I got back  from work I decided to change that. I went all in, took a deep breath and cut the boots open in the back. (sorry about the blurry picture, pretty hard to hold a dslr with one hand)

The boots have only a little zipper on the side to close it, because of that I knew stitching them back together will be a challenge, but I figured a way.  I folded the two lose end on itself - inside out like in the picture below.

Make sure not to sew it all the way because you will still need to reverse it, from inside out.

After fully reversing the boots you may choose to glue the little window or pull the not stitched part out of the zipper opening and sue the rest. There you go a narrower boots!

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