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Follow Me - The place we call home, Dageraadplaats

Well, as you can imagine life has suddenly got busy, I went so fast from having empty days to a full booked day. Husband and I moved to our new place exactly a week ago and we have been loving it. Locals says that it is one of the nicest area to live in Antwerp and we could not agree more.

I lot of wall painting, furniture mounting, floor cleaning and trash sorting has happen in this week. I love Dageraadplaats! Softly and quietly my heart has been longing for a place like this, where downtown is 10 minutes away by bike and pubs/cafes are merely neighbors and specially where I can give way to my lovely hobby - people watching.

I do not believe in homesickness, because I think these feeling are very relative and irrelevant. I believe in the present - because I have been there - missing home so bad that it makes me miserable, it robes you of the joy of the moment. Soon, it will be time to pack and move and as a fact I WILL miss where I am right now. It is not a life to always be missing what you don't have, so I chose to be thankful for what I have in the presence. That is an everyday battle...

So right now I enjoy people watching, boots and leggings, cycling to work, good wine and above all I enjoy people...

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