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Halter Leaf High Waisted Bikini - € 20.00

Sky High boots - JustFAB Unboxing


I am finally back with a newt post! I wanted to work on this one for like 2 months already. It is now officially cold here in Belgium and I have enjoyed this statement boots a lot.

I really wanted something that will just pick up an outfit on the day you feel like wearing your pyjama to work but at the same time you don't want to look like your grandma. I love my heels but I also love the fact that it's a flat boots. I hope that brings some inspiration...

Quality wise they are great! They are a little too big by my calves for my taste but for the the rest I am really pleased. On top of everything they are warm, which is pretty important for me.

I will soon post another blog post on how I reduce the size by the calves - so stay tuned!

With love from Mel...

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