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Halter Leaf High Waisted Bikini - € 20.00

From boring to vintage...

You know, these rare occasions where you listen to a song for the first time, or see a beautiful someone, taste a delicious food and you just get blown away - you then somehow know life will never be the same again - okay maybe that is going a little to far but you now get the picture.

I was browsing my favourite home decor website when I stumble on this DIY - my immediate response was "wow, my DIY looks like a joke compare to this". That blogger turn this boring piece of furniture into a vintage! See for yourself...

Step 1: Creating the cladding

What she did is creating cladding which will be glued to the 3 drawers which gives the illusion of mini drawers.

Once all the cladding are cut and each piece thoroughly sanded , finish with fine grit paper for a nice, smooth finish. With the help of a lint-free cloth, apply two coats of Feast Watson Prooftint (Teak) diluted around 50/50 with Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer.

Step 2 The feet

For a real vintage look, she ditched the chrome (metal) feet and replace them with plain timber feet cut down from a length of square pine. The chunky knobs had to go too to be replace by some smaller knobs and the labels.

Step 3: Painting

Before attaching all the cladding some painting is required, to create an illusion of depth between the faux drawers. You may opt for black, just like in the picture.

Step 4 Attaching the Cladding

Start with the drawer fronts, carefully clamp them. Bearing in mind the faux fronts will also be held in place with the handle screws.

At this point an extra pair of hands would be a lot of help. For the sides, Each piece of cladding was smeared with liquid nails and held firmly in place by one person whilst the other person pre-drilled then screwed them on from the inside.

Step 5 Oiling & hardware

Apply couple of coats of oil, it will help bring to life the furniture while protecting it. Once that is dry add the knobs and the labels and voila!

Now, if you are really planning on recreating this piece of art head over to The Painted Hive to find all the details of the project.

See you soon, with love from Mel...

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