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Follow Me - Antwerp City

I will never forget the first time walking down the streets of Antwerp. It was literally majestic! You know when in a country there's this one church, one house, this one building that made history so people come from all over the world to visit it? Well, that is Antwerp and this one building is everywhere. Whoever built that city wanted it to be extravagant and he succeeded.

If you come by train, you will surely stay at the train station for at least 15 mins (if you are in a hurry) to admire the details and precision of this old building. The hardwood, the stones, the forged metal, the high ceiling, the curves and the designs, all this top with a sweet smell of fresh waffles accompany with warm cherry sauce. Antwerp is one of the cities in Europe which was lucky enough not to be bombed during the second world war, I am thus talking about some serious old buildings here.

The 2nd most impressive building is the cathedral. Oh boy, again the precision in that work - you don't have to be an artist to be able to wow in front of it. Every now and then, you get to appreciate some good piano or violin pieces for free and just be happy and content because everybody is.

Well, if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful city make sure to enjoy the mussels with Belgian fries, the beer, the chocolate and of course the waffles.

with  love from Mel...

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