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Moving to Antwerp

Yes, peeps, the days are closing in, soon our bags will be packed and we'll find ourselves in a car driving down south for 3 hours before we make it to Antwerp.

We are handling this step by step...not like we have any other choice really. There are so many things that could still go wrong but there are so many things
that went perfectly right already. I praise God for that! The next big thing is paperwork and me finding a job. Two last big steps- scary steps!

Apart from the fact that we might fail miserably (even though I really don't think it will happen), I personally am so excited to live in Antwerp, a big city, full of history, a place known for shopping and they speak some french, I means come on what more could I want! Right!

Let's face it though, only a few people will dare to "burn their ships"  and move to another country knowing that things might not work out. I am not saying that because we are so cool or something - but because most people won't do it, things does get sticky, tense and confusing. Martijn and I moving to Belgium has a deeper meaning than just him studying.

The day we agreed to be in this relationship we knew it will cost us so much more than just the common marriage bargain. It will means leaving families and friends, it will means not seeing the first steps of your nephew, spending Christmas alone and sometimes be away from each other. On the other hand every time we have a fight we know...we get reminded that to be with each other - we already gave up so much, burn too many bridges, too many sacrifices  to just give up on each other. It is a price worth paying, if you know for certain that you are with than one person over 6 Billion that God designed you to be.

With love from Mel...

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