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Halter Leaf High Waisted Bikini - € 20.00

Just FAB unboxing : Combat boots

I have a real addiction for shoes and sincerely I am not too proud of it. One night during a shoe-high trans I thought, what about a shoe subscription? You pay a certain amount of money and they send you a pair of shoe every month. I did what any decent shoe addict would do...I Googled about it and discovered, Just FAB. Unfortunately they did not ship to Mauritius, I thus waited patiently to be in Netherlands to finally order my first shoes and confirm my subscription to them.

Since I only own one pair of flats I thought it is a great opportunity to get a warm nice  shoes for fall or even winter. In Mauritius I'm always wearing ballerinas, but in Netherlands soon it will be so cold that ballerinas with be only a mere memory.

Most girls/women in Netherlands wears sneakers or converse as a warmer flat shoe, but let's face it I am not a sneaker and God forbid a converse kinda girl...I go all in, COMBAT BOOTS it is baby!

It arrived in this huge black box, the minute I closed the door on the postman I rip open the box to try my boots on - just right there in front of the front door....

I am totally in love with these. The worn effect, the pink back zipper, even though I am not a pink kind of type, the fold over. The quality is also so good - Believe it or not I paid only €10 for them, €30 off on my first buy. Well, I hope you enjoyed this...

with love from Mel...

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