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Dotted Design Nails

I thought to myself, it is time to have another awesome nail design on my blog. Super cute and super easy...

What you will need

Prep your nails with your first coat and your base colour. Mine is a subtle white.. not too milky or opaque

With your brush paint a half-circle. Not too big, depending on the size of your nails

Once dry, paint another thinner circle

With you dot tool, paint dots all along your second half-circle

Once dry, with another colour (or the same) paint another circle and with a contrast colour paint dots along the last circle

With the help of your dot tool make 3 big circle and with your brush connect the big circle with thin line

Almost done! With one of the previous colour, create smaller circle on the big ones. Don't forget to let the nail polish dry in-between each steps. 

With the toothpick create smaller dots around the 3 big one and finish up with a clear top-coat. 

DONE! I hope you enjoyed it...
With love from Mel....

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