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Enjoy the little things : Sweet Sunday beach walk

I feel that things have been happening so fast, I means it have...still are. How do we come from building our house, buying our first car and planning a baby to...oh, ya, we are freaking moving to Belgium.

Haters, gonna hate I know, but even for us it is sudden. However, the goal of our life is to go wherever God want us to go. With that comes the appreciation of what you have NOW. It pushes you to live in the present, cherish people you have now, because maybe tomorrow you will be somewhere else doing something else. It is the little things of life that makes it worth it

Sneak Peek of  my Sunday, with the 2nd favourite woman of my life and my dog whom I will miss like Heck!

At the Grays

At the Grays with Bailey and Auggie
Coffee, toast with white cheese and grapes

I will  miss my white sand beach 

A bundle of joy in my life and the pain in my a*s

It cannot get any better

Mauritian sunset

With love from Mel...

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