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4 years of marriage ...

Our lives are about to change all over again, and it is horrible that every time it happens we have to go through the transition alone. We just celebrated our 4 years of marriage, and all the happily married folks out there would know that marriage is not easier... for that matters relationships
are not easy. I think this is what makes things more beautiful, since you have to constantly keep fighting to keep those people dearest to your heart close to you.

Every single time we are apart from each other we wow, to never do it again but every single time we feel so cornered into the situation we are in, that we do it anyway. Telling ourselves that this time it will be okay, because we are more mature, that times will fly by but it always goes down-hill, always. I hope we will not be put in this kind of situation again. By the end of the day, I know that the decision is up to us, whether we will do it or not. It certainly hurts more though when some people don't understand how hard it is and how much it hurts to be away from each other.

Bottom-line is ...if you are planning to do it, just don't! Maybe for like 10 days, but not more. We learn out of experience, just don't mind what people says. I think when the bible says "husband and wife should cleave to each other" it surely has a deeper meaning than just you should not get a divorce....

With love from Mel...

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