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Easy Wine Rack DIY

easy DIY wine rack

For almost 2 years now, Martijn and I have been living in a really small apartment (30 / 40 m2). We love it even though I have now reached a point where I want a
bedroom and some dog hair free zone. I worked so hard in finding smart ideas for storage and I am pretty proud of the result.

Long story short, I love wine and there was literally NO space for a wine rack. I went with the principals  "use dead space" if you are in desperate need of space. We have this bookshelf, which holds our lamps and books (duh) and it does not reach till the floor, I had around 40 cm of dead space between the shelf and the floor so thought to myself- that's where my wine rack will be. Please note that my bookshelf is made from wood

I know a pretty great deal in sewing (you don't need to for this DIY), so I took:

Fabric 35cm large, fold each end on the length and sew it
Grabbed some small nails

I turned the shelf upside down and created some big loops of maybe 15 cm of space to hold the bottle. Secure the whole thing with 4 nails per loop. Voila, I got a pretty wine rack!!

I hope this has been helpful, especially for my fellow wine lovers and small apartment lovers... (what?)

With love from Mel...

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