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DIY: Make you own chevron midi ring

I have been wanting a midi ring forever. I actually bought 3 online, its was a set but I did not like them since they were so thick. I just wanted a thin elegant one. The truth is
as well, I was not ready to pay $10 shipping for a ring that cost $5. I thus decided I will make my own. Pretty easy actually! 

Here's what you will need: Jewelry wire and pliers.

Take a piece of wire (8 cm or so) and fold it into two
Hold the chevron part with a pliers an bend it 45 degree
Once bent curl the wire around something round - here I used a nail polish
Curl both ends nicely
Once you get the perfect size - maybe at this point you want to try it on as well. Once the ideal size set, cut the remaining wire

here you go, you've got yourself a midi ring!

With love from Mel...

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