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Away from Hubby


I wanted to write a little more about me, about life and I finally found the time. I guess the mix feeling of Martijn (husband) living soon kinda makes me a little emotional. At least, a little for now and a lot more when he will actually be gone.

It is not the first time we will be away from
each other but that does not makes anything better. We are always together! At some point, we were even longing to work together just because we enjoy each other company so much. A lot of people actually thinks that ...even said, oh, you guys have to learn to be more independent, to lean on yourself. Believe me we are plenty independent. We really encourage and push each other to step in the destiny God has for us. I try to empower him to be his whole self and he does the same for me.

I look back and realize he contributed so much in making me the woman I am today, thus I am so thankful that God but a man like him in my life. Basically, it is not as if I won't know what to do without him or who to be. I will take the car and go to work, do groceries and make decision just like I used to, but I will miss this proud look on his face every time I come back from work or get out of the shower (you know...) or even play stupid game together. I'll just miss my buddy in crime and our daily sleep-over

See you when I see you
With love from mel

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