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Clean your makeup brush nice and easy

Hello people,

As an ‘’official” Pinterest addict I think I have been across a lot/too many ways-suggestions of how to clean your makeup brushes. I tried a few of them; some worked and a lot did not. The ones that worked thou, did not clean my brushes a good as
I wanted them too. So I thought to myself I’ll come up with something.

All you need is:

Hand soap or shower gel
Warm water (1 liter or so)
2 small towels
A small bowl
What shall you do?

Simple, put so soap into the small bowl (1 tsp) and fill up the bowl with warm water. One brush at a time, swirl your brush into the water and watch your water changing color. Repeat the process till the water stays clear when swirling your brushes. Once clean lay your brushes on and pat dry with the other towel. Leave over night and enjoy some nice and fluffy brushes the next morning.

Hope this helped, With love from Mel…

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