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Halter Leaf High Waisted Bikini - € 20.00

Nail Moustache

I love cute nails, but without them being too busy. I was thinking which nails design I will get for this week. If work does not take too much of my time I love to get a new design each week; so dont forget to check in!

I am not particularly a mustache freak but I saw this design
somewhere on the web and I thought I'm gonna give it a try. I hope you like!

You will need: Black nail polish
white nail polish
Nail dotting tool
few toothpicks

 Do your first protective coating, then apply your white nail polish. The one I used is a pretty transparent, subtle. I do not like it too milky.
 Once it's dry, apply two big dots next to each other with the dotting tool and two small ones next to each dot.
Use a toothpick and starting from the bottom make a curved line connecting the big dot to the small one. If you do not feel too comfortable with this part, having a picture of a mustache might really help.

If you are more daring go ahead and work on all your fingers. I would love to see how they turn out.

Have fun and enjoy your pretty nails.

...with love from Mel

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