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Halter Leaf High Waisted Bikini - € 20.00

Statement Necklace

For a little while already I have been looking for the perfect statement necklace. Unfortunaely, I just could not find the right one. The one I could actually buy was or out of my budget or too flashy.

So, I did what every descent diy'er would do. I made one! I am so happy with it actually. Love how it turned out and you know love the color and it's not too flashy for my taste. Find the steps below if you would like to make one yourself. If you some modifications please share with me :)

What you will need?

Start by gluing together the washers. Like shown on the picture, to keep the washer level. This is actually important if you want your necklace to be straight. So one glued at the bottom and the next one on top.
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Once you got that right keep on gluing till you get the first line as big as you would like it. If you would like to wear the necklace close to your neck then try to end the first line a little rounded.

Add 3 more washers to the 3 ones glued on top; just like the pictures (sorry for poor quality).

Then glue the rest of the washers and add the chain like shown above. Here you are! You made your Statement Necklace! You can chose to paint yours as well. I've painted part of the washers. This can be done with nail polish or spray paint. Please share and comment.

With love from Mel....

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